About Us

ABN AMRO Advisors is the multi-management center of expertise of the ABN AMRO Group and one of the first movers and an important player in multi-management since 1998. Today, it provides Investment and Advisory services to private, institutional and UHNWI clients worldwide.

For more than 16 years, ABN AMRO Advisors is providing services at the edge of the multi-management industry to internal as well as external clients.

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Located in Paris and Amsterdam.

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A.A.Advisors key-points:

  • A team of41 specialists with founders still in place

  • An exhaustive coverage of all asset classes

  • Since inception > 1500 strategies approved for investing

  • 1000 manager meetings, 200 initial qualitative analysis and 100 new investment capabilities approved per year

  • Different areas of competency:

    • Asset Allocation (strategic and tactical)
    • Portfolio Analysis
    • Manager Selection
    • Advisory and Portfolio Management
    • Strict risk control, performed by a dedicated department

Our investment philosophy is built on:

  • Strong belief that alpha can be captured by skilled fund managers

  • Acknowledge that alpha persistence is limited

  • Understand that there is no ideal way for a manager to add value, many different possibilities need to be combined in a portfolio approach

  • Believe that only a mix of quantitative and qualitative criteria can detect those opportunities

  • Need of strong and robust investment process