Co-creation and innovation

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Our clients expect us to push our technological capabilities to the limit - and to pass on the benefits to them. Within the bank, we are creating an environment in which innovation is stimulated and nurtured. A great place for our employees to experiment with new ideas is our Innovation Centre. But we also have much to gain - and share with our clients - by teaming up with others.

Value created

  • We are currently accelerating digitalisation of key client processes and expanding our digital offering. 
  • We are continuously enhancing our Mobile Banking app by adding innovative new features. 
  • Tikkie allows consumers in the Netherlands to send payment requests via WhatsApp. 
  • New apps: Grip gives users an overview of their spending; Wallet makes contactless payment by mobile phone possible. 
  • Gradefix generates a personalised overview and credit score in seconds, shortening the credit approval process. 
  • We co-create products with fintechs and start-ups. 
  • We are using and exploring the benefits of blockchain technology. 
  • Watch the videos Econic, Circular Pavilion and Back to society.