Giving voice to value for our clients

Giving voice to value for our clients

What matters most to our clients? What do they – both consumers and businesses – believe are the most important issues our bank should address? And what are the results they expect us to deliver? We conducted dialogues with our different groups of clients throughout 2016 to hear which topics are at the top of their list. These are our top priorities and are referred to as ‘material topics’.

Our top priorities

Fraud Film Festival

Preventing corruption, fraud and cybercrime

In an increasingly complex digital world, consumers and banks are vulnerable to data theft and cybercrime in all its guises: phishing, malware, viruses and hacking, to name a few. We monitor cybercrime threats 24/7 and adjust our defences as necessary to protect our clients’ money and data against security breaches. One way we raise awareness and help clients protect themselves is by supporting the Fraud Film Festival, a two-day event featuring documentaries about fraud and its prevention.

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Sign language

Clear, appropriate advice

When clients seek advice on financial products and services, it is very important that they get what they need and that they understand what they are buying. One way we offer clients clear, appropriate advice is by providing mortgage advice by webcam – and we now offer this service in sign language, a first in the Netherlands.

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Co-creation and innovation

Our clients expect us to push our technological capabilities to the limit while enhancing user-friendliness. We are teaming up with fintechs and other partners to co-create innovative products. And within the bank, we are creating an environment in which innovation is stimulated and nurtured. A good example of this is Tikkie. Developed by an enterprising team within the bank, this payment app allows clients to send payment requests by WhatsApp, making it easier to split the bill.

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Human rights

A positive impact on ESG criteria through our financing and investment services

Human rights, health and safety and the environment are important issues to our clients. They want to know that their money is being invested in ethically and sustainably sound companies. We use our position to expose abuses to human rights, health and safety and the environment – and to bring about change.

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Sustainability Highlights 2016

Sustainability Highlights 2016

Sustainability Highlights features various activities we undertook in 2016 to deliver on our mission of being a better bank contributing to a better world. Read more on the Sustainability Reporting pages of our website.

Download the Sustainability Highlights 2016 ​ (PDF 2 MB)