Giving voice to value for our investors

Giving voice to value for our clients

What matters most to our investors? What kind of a bank do they want to invest in? And what are the results they expect us to deliver? We conducted dialogues with our investors throughout 2016 to hear which topics are at the top of their list. These are our top priorities and are referred to as ‘material topics’.

Our top priorities

Fraud Film Festival

Preventing corruption, fraud and cybercrime

Investors want our bank to be stable and to deliver healthy, robust results. They expect us to manage the risk of corruption, fraud and cybercrime effectively. We monitor cybercrime threats 24/7 and adjust our defences as necessary to protect our clients’ money and data against security breaches. One way we raise awareness and help clients protect themselves is by supporting the Fraud Film Festival, a two-day event featuring documentaries about fraud and its prevention to improve the situation where necessary.

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Sustainability Highlights 2016

Sustainability Highlights 2016

Sustainability Highlights features various activities we undertook in 2016 to deliver on our mission of being a better bank contributing to a better world. Read more on the Sustainability Reporting pages of our website.

Download the Sustainability Highlights 2016 ​ (PDF 2 MB)