Preventing corruption, fraud and cybercrime

Fraud Film Festival
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Investors want our bank to be stable and to deliver healthy, robust results. They expect us to manage the risk of corruption, fraud and cybercrime effectively. We monitor cybercrime threats 24/7 and adjust our defences as necessary to protect our clients’ money and data against security breaches. One way we raise awareness and help clients protect themselves is by supporting the Fraud Film Festival, a two-day event featuring documentaries about fraud and its prevention.

Value created

  • We have dedicated departments that measure our progress in preventing fraud, corruption and cybercrime. 
  • We work with other banks, police and the Ministry of Justice to shield financial transactions from potential criminals. 

Fraud rates (Dutch Banking Association)*

Fraud rates online banking (Dutch Banking Association)*

*Decline in overall payment fraud losses.

The major banks in the Netherlands (including ABN AMRO) have agreed not to compete with one another in the area of fraud prevention, but rather to join forces to fight it. This means that individual banks do not publish their own payment transaction fraud losses. Instead, each major bank reports its payment transaction fraud figures to the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) and the NVB publishes the combined figures.