Co-creation and innovation

Social Impact Bond
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We are creating an environment within the bank in which innovation and co-creation are nurtured. At the same time, the world around us is changing and innovating all the time. Teaming up with others will help us create new products and services that add value to society.

Value created

  • We are currently accelerating digitalisation of key client processes and expanding our digital offering. 
  • We are continuously enhancing our Mobile Banking app by adding innovative new features. 
  • Tikkie allows consumers in the Netherlands to send payment requests via WhatsApp. 
  • New apps: Grip gives users an overview of their spending; Wallet makes contactless payment by mobile phone possible. 
  • Gradefix generates a personalised overview and credit score in seconds, shortening the credit approval process. 
  • We co-create products with fintechs and start-ups.
  • We are using and exploring the benefits of blockchain technology.
  • Watch the videos Tikkie, Econic and Circular Pavilion.