Reorganising and at the same time recruiting specialists

The behaviour of our clients is changing rapidly. They increasingly want to be able to manage their banking affairs from their PCs or smartphones. As a result, we are also changing. We are becoming increasingly digital, while brick-and-mortar bank branches are closing.

This means that there is less work in some traditional banking occupations, for example for administrative workers, employees who serve clients in the branch network, and also employees in a number of staff support departments such as HR. Some people at the bank will lose their jobs as a result of these changes.

This presents ABN AMRO with an emotional dilemma. Because while some are losing their jobs, the bank is looking for new staff to help it achieve the necessary digital transition – such as IT specialists and Agile Facilitators, but also ‘quantitative’ specialists such as econometrists and analysts. How do we explain this to those who are losing their jobs?

Where possible, ABN AMRO tries to retrain staff. As part of this, the bank is investing heavily in training and updating initiatives such as the IT Academy, which has already successfully retrained many employees for roles such as Solution Designers. For those who do lose their jobs, ABN AMRO organises personal coaching to help them find interesting jobs outside the bank.

On the other hand, we started promoting the bank as a digital employer two years ago and the benefits are coming through. We hired approximately 750 digital natives in 2016 and 2017 and we appear consistently in the top 10 of favourite employers. With the arrival of Clifford Abrahams (CFO), Tanja Cuppen (CRO) and the intended appointment of Christian Bornfeld (Chief Innovation & Technology Officer), the Executive Board now also has a high level of international banking experience.