Helping social entrepreneurs

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Social entrepreneurs can have a major impact on society. But like any other business, they sometimes find themselves up against major and challenging issues, when they look to expand their business activities, for instance, or want to raise more funds. Social entrepreneurship is a key theme for ABN AMRO and we’re happy to be able to share our expertise with these social entrepreneurs.

Social Accelerator

ABN AMRO Foundation wants to help them and so promote social entrepreneurship. We invite the entrepreneur to come and talk to us, and have them explain the situation and what they’re aiming to achieve. A brainstorming meeting is called for ABN AMRO colleagues to arrive at the best solution to address the issue. Our expertise and network add value, and the entrepreneur should have tangible solutions to take away at the end of the day.

Working with Social Enterprise NL

Social Enterprise NL is a national platform representing, connecting and supporting social entrepreneurs. It runs training sessions and workshops, helps find funding and lobbies for better laws and rules. ABN AMRO provides the finance and ABN AMRO Foundation assists entrepreneurs with its entrepreneurship coaching expertise. This is how we help social companies achieve their missions.

Foundation Volunteer Linda Zwijsen

Client Centricity Project Manager
"I’m inspired by the sheer boldness and guts that social entrepreneurs typically display. They often start out from very strong convictions and have the drive to turn their businesses into something meaningful and even to grow. They make the world a better place through their business. I’m very proud of our ABN AMRO colleagues contributing to that mission and really giving back to society. We have the experience to be able to really help them. What I find fascinating is that many of them are very successful without having started off with a well-thought-out plan."