Krajicek scholars help kids acquire life skills

Krajicek Scholarships

Krajicek Foundation is committed to making sure that children in every community can do sports close to home, even if they live in deprived areas and their parents don’t have much. And so it builds playgrounds where it offers professional assistance in the shape of Krajicek scholars. These youngsters – who have to be 15 or over – encourage children to take part in sports at these playgrounds, while also organising sports events. In return, they’re given scholarships by the Krajicek Foundation.

ABN AMRO Foundation assists these scholars by assigning them an ABN AMRO volunteer for a year. They get together in one-to-ones to discuss and build the strengths and skills that drive the scholar. They learn to coach and present themselves, both verbally and non-verbally. At the end of this time, scholars show their coaches what they’ve learned and how this knowledge will help them in the playgrounds.

Foundation Volunteer Audrie Fransen

ABN AMRO MeesPierson Interns Agency Coordinator
“I’ve taken five coaching meetings with one of the Krajicek Foundation scholars, for which I was able to draw on both the theory and practice of the Life Skills Days. And it worked: ‘my’ Krajicek scholar has grown much more confident when he’s presenting to a large group. This kind of positive feedback makes me want to come back to help again. I’ve hugely enjoyed contributing to this Krajicek Foundation project. It’s really important that ABN AMRO continues to support these kinds of initiatives, both financially and by people dedicating their time.”