Read Aloud Days: promoting reading and listening

Voorleesdagen op het ABN AMRO hoofdkantoor

ABN AMRO Foundation is passionate about getting kids to enjoy reading, which is why we run Letterpret! (‘Fun with Letters’), a programme that’s packed with reading activities and includes a writing competition and guest classes. And of course, we spend quite a bit of time reading aloud.

In fact, on the Read Aloud Days hundreds of colleagues read at primary schools and nurseries of their own choice. A couple of thousand children get to enjoy wonderful stories, courtesy of ABN AMRO Foundation. And every year we invite over a hundred primary school kids to come and join the National Read Aloud Breakfast. The children are bussed to our head office to have a nice, healthy breakfast while listening to a great story.

Foundation Volunteer Lizeke Schinkel

Event coordinator
“I’ve been doing the Read Aloud Days for several years now, at both a primary school and a nursery. There’s lots of appreciation for our efforts: people think we’re stars for doing this as part of our ABN AMRO Partner of the Future drive. To some extent, that’s also because they don’t expect banks to be doing such things, of course. The nursery really makes an effort by creating a comfy reading corner with lots of cushions and throws. I read one book twice, the little ones just can’t get enough of it. Really, it’s so little trouble for so much fun – it only takes fifteen minutes.”

Foundation Volunteer Karin van Gompel-Franken

Daily Banking Advisor
“I’ve joined in the Read Aloud Days a couple of times now and most recently helped out at a writing contest. You see these kids totally captivated. And my own child is so proud to see her mother up there doing this. I currently work with sets of books, with me reading passages and the children able to read on in their own copies and finding answers to questions from my book. The teachers are immensely grateful for all the help and they love the material we bring.”