Boxie in the classroom

Kunstenaar Boxie en kinderen

The artist known as Boxie – Marco van Boxtel – uses a unique visual language that’s hugely appealing to children. They don’t just love his colourful art, they recognise themselves in the way he thinks and acts.

Boxie is looking to show children that we can all use art and creativity to make the world a bit more beautiful. He designed the Boxie Box, a box full of stuff for drawing, cutting, sticking and colouring. ABN AMRO employees use this Boxie Box for creative workshops with school classes across the Netherlands. Together these children discover what they can do with the materials and how art can change the world.

Foundation Volunteer Pascal Somers

Private banker with ABN AMRO MeesPierson Maastricht
“Boxie, to me, is the ultimate example of an artist who finds it easy to get into children’s heads. He does this by operating on the same level as the children he’s working with. The way they think, easy explanations – he’s brilliant at this. And these workshops help us to show ABN AMRO’s other face, our social engagement and commitment.”