Helping youngsters boost their prospects in the labour market

Kulu Gebremedhin helpt twee jongeren

JINC prepares students in vocational secondary education for their future in the labour market. As part of their business programme it aims to improve the prospects of youngsters who don’t normally receive much help. As the programme progresses, these young people will get a sense of whether they have a talent for business, as well as a pretty good idea of what entrepreneurship implies. ABN AMRO Foundation is proud to be the programme’s main sponsor and provides coaching for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The youngsters write a business plan, visit an entrepreneur in their area, draw up a SWOT analysis and present their plans at the end of the day’s programme. JINC and ABN AMRO colleagues are with them every step of the way. Our volunteers help them write their plans and prepare for their talk with the entrepreneur. It’s an exciting challenge for these youngsters to write and present their own business plans, and a little bit of positive feedback can give a tremendous boost to their self-confidence. This exercise also makes business plans accessible to them, and we see them grow within the space of a single day.

Foundation Volunteer Kulu Gebremedhin

International Client Relationship Manager
“I know from experience how important it is to provide support to youngsters that they don’t get at home. Situations that put children at a disadvantage can often be addressed by a little bit of help and support. This programme has taught me that we can really make a difference and that it’s my job to help, guide and support them. I find it immensely satisfying to contribute to the future of our society, however small my contribution may be. I was so taken with the process that I signed up as a career coach.”

Foundation Volunteer Michiel Torensma

Reliable and Responsible Banking team leader for Small businesses
“I loved helping to build the foundations of entrepreneurship with these vocational school students – and in Leeuwarden, the city of my birth, too! It’s so important to prepare young people for the labour market. This project does that very nicely: passionate entrepreneurs and great JINC assignments put the fun in learning. And by giving positive feedback you challenge them to stand up and show themselves for who they are. They start off shy but come out of their shells as the day progresses. By the end, they’re confidently and proudly pitching their business plans, without a hitch. I’d recommend all my colleagues to volunteer for this project next year.”