Museum visits and art workshops

Museumbezoek met ABN AMRO Foundation

Not everyone is able to just pop into a museum every now and then. And that’s a shame, because a visit to a museum sparks the imagination. So it’s a real pleasure to introduce children from deprived areas and artists with learning disabilities to museums. Our ABN AMRO volunteers take them around the collection and then to a creative workshop related to the art works they’ve seen. Each workshop showcases a specific art form, such as photography, say, or graffiti, drawing, portrait painting or making art from waste.

Foundation Volunteer Julie van Heijst

Senior Internal Communications Manager for Commercial Clients
“During ABN AMRO Art & Culture Month, nine of our colleagues and I visited the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen, where we met up with 16 kids from the Polsstok primary school in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, a deprived area of the city. Two museum staff members gave us a guided tour and helped us and the children take a good look at the paintings and other works of art. How do shapes and colours affect your imagination and can you think up stories about what you see? The children were encouraged to create their own art after the guided tour and really got into the spirit of things: ‘Can I really paint anything I like?’ They were so excited, and full of cheerful chatter. I’m really proud that ABN AMRO organises events like this – and that I was a part of it!”

Foundation Volunteer Dorien Stoep

Director of Income & Wealth
“Our Income & Wealth department visited the Kröller-Müller Museum on Foundation Day. We did some painting together with a group of people with learning disabilities and took a photography workshop with students in vocational secondary education. It was great fun to work with two such very different groups in such a wonderful setting. And it’s also really good to see the sense of fulfilment our colleagues can get from a Foundation activity.”