A week of sports at the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium

Aansteken Olympisch vuur

It’s important for children to exercise. The sooner they’re introduced to sports, the better: they’ll find out at an early age what their strengths are and what sports they enjoy. Unfortunately, not all children get this opportunity. In deprived areas, many parents can’t afford to pay the contributions towards a sports club. And not all of them recognise how important sport is.

It’s for these kids that Amsterdam Cares organises Olympic Sports Week. Every day, children are introduced to the many sports on offer, with ABN AMRO volunteers there to help and join in. And it all happens at the fun and impressive Amsterdam Olympic Stadium, and comes with a flag parade, opening and closing ceremonies, and of course lots of different types of sport. A great sporting day for these Amsterdam children!

Foundation Volunteer Muriel van Loenen

Business Support team leader
“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the Olympic Sports Week, it’s that we don’t really realise that many kids in our neighbourhoods come from very different home situations. These families that don’t have the financial resources for extracurricular activities such as sports. Or kids are simply not encouraged by their parents to do sports as part of their upbringing. These children don’t get the same opportunities as their peers to develop other talents. Children should learn that sports and culture matter just as much as school – and are loads of fun too. Their happiness is infectious at these games – it’s incredible how grateful these children are and all it takes is spending one day in your life with them.”