Regional sports days

Touwtrekken op regionale sportdag

Sports and exercise are less of a matter of course for some children than for others. Students in special education, for instance, or in deprived areas. Social hurdles or financial issues may keep them from joining a sports club. ABN AMRO Foundation organises regional sports days to give these kids an opportunity to take part in sports and discover where their sports talents lie.

At the Dutch regional sports days, the children enter a hexathlon that involves them in playing games, working together, using their creativity, pushing their boundaries and getting to know themselves and their classmates. ABN AMRO colleagues help and join in. Between the different parts of the hexathlon they talk dreams and ambitions: how do these children feel about their futures in sports and work, and what would they like to achieve?

Foundation Volunteer Inge Schonck

Transaction Processing service team member
“I volunteered at the previous regional sports days under the Together we win theme. We were all really keen and the event was very well organised. A day like this was special for most of these kids, many of whom don’t get any days out over the school holidays – which was a bit of a shock to me, I must say. And it was so much fun putting on such a fantastic day full of sports for them. The children worked well together and really enjoyed themselves. We’ve had nothing but positive reactions, including from the school – reason enough to come and help again next time!”