The treasures of the bank

The Art of Trading

Over the years ABN AMRO has built a fine art collection. Most of our collection is exhibited at our offices for our colleagues and clients to enjoy every day. But we also use pieces from it to introduce children to art.

Primary school pupils come and explore our art collection at our Amsterdam offices on Gustav Mahlerlaan. They’re introduced to the artworks by one or more of our colleagues, who also talk about their monetary value. And an expert from ABN AMRO’s Art & History Foundation joins in to provide expert views. The children play a game called ‘The Bank’s Treasures’ and are invited to ‘bid’ for their favourite work of art at a mock auction at the end of the day.

Foundation Volunteer Jeroen Hofhuis

ABN AMRO MeesPierson Institutions & Charity Relationship Manager
“The treasures of the bank saw us literally open the doors of our head office to welcome primary school children. The kids didn’t just get to explore our building, they also discovered the works of art we exhibit. One thing that struck me straight away was how open-minded they were when looking at the pieces; they had a much quicker grasp, particularly of abstract art, than most grown-ups. The programme ended with the children ‘bidding’ for their favourite work of art, which encouraged them to think about strategy, budget and money. Getting us back a little to the core business of what a bank does, right? This group of laughing children totally changed the dynamics and mood at our head office, I must say!”