Cooking for lonely people

Cooking together

In the Netherlands over half a million people are socially isolated. To boost their spirits Stichting VanHarte organises dinners in community and neighbourhood centres: Resto VanHarte. For a small charge, lonely people are welcome to come and eat. They get out of their homes, have a nice meal and meet others in similar situations. And they’re joined by volunteers from both Stichting VanHarte and ABN AMRO.

ABN AMRO Foundation supports this Stichting VanHarte initiative and arranges for ABN AMRO colleagues to volunteer at these meals every month. They chat with the guests, help in the kitchen, take charge of the d├ęcor and provide the entertainment. That’s how they contribute to a cheerful evening and boost a sense of belonging in the neighbourhood.

Foundation Volunteer Claudia de Waard

Daily Banking Advisor
“Our team decided to cook at Resto VanHarte. Lonely people are invited to a three-course meal for a small charge. And they’re not just getting a nice meal, they get to meet other people. We cooked and organised a bingo evening. And joined them to eat, of course. Our guests liked it so much, they asked whether we could come again the week after. I found out that it doesn’t take much to give lonely people a nice day: just a little bit of attention and someone who listens. And a table full of people is fun for everyone!”