Sports for children with special needs

Voorkeur Sportclub Only Friends

Very few sports clubs offer facilities for children with special needs or chronic illnesses. And that’s exactly why Dennis Gebbink started the Only Friends sports club. Its motto: you’re perfect just the way you are. And that’s true for all of its 600 members.

The club’s state-of-the-art home, the Friendship Sports Centre, is ideal for sportspeople with special needs. It offers a safe environment for them to take advantage of a broad range of sports. And everything about it is designed around the requirements and experiences of these young sportspeople.

ABN AMRO Foundation supports this special initiative. Our volunteers regularly visit the club to join the children in their sports practice and assist in play and lessons. And they talk to the children. About their situations, but also about sports.

Foundation Volunteer Freerk Boschma

Prime Service ABN AMRO Clearing Senior Account Manager
“I’ve never experienced anything like this project, in terms of emotions and intensity. You can establish truly deep contact with these children. And sport is the perfect way to do this: no better situation to talk about things like respect. I like helping to build awareness, in myself as much as in others: I’d never realised how hard even the simplest things can be when you’re disabled. You can’t know until you join in. Take wheelchair basketball, for instance: everyone’s equal and equally clumsy, and you can only ever succeed by working together. And that’s winning on all fronts – together.”