About us

ABN AMRO Foundation focuses on social projects and initiatives, from social entrepreneurship to helping special needs children take part in sports. ABN AMRO employees are the driving force behind the Foundation, with over 10,000 volunteering their time, knowledge and expertise every year. The ABN AMRO collective labour agreement specifies that employees are entitled to a week of volunteering leave a year. It’s how we encourage everyone to give back to society.

In 2016 our Foundation organised 409 volunteer projects, with ABN AMRO employees volunteering on 12,747 occasions. Offering anything from coaching of budding entrepreneurs to help with reading and arithmetic at primary schools.


Four members, one of them independent, serve on the ABN AMRO Foundation board. The board sets ABN AMRO Foundation’s strategy and policies, while also supervising its finances and the implementation of its annual plan.

The Foundation is headed up by a director in charge of its daily affairs and its activities are carried out by twelve ABN AMRO staff. Director and staff meet the board at least three times a year to report on progress in terms of the annual plan and financial affairs.

The board is not remunerated, but may claim expenses they incur in the course of their duties.

Board members and director

Chairman Kees van Dijkhuizen

Chairman of the ABN AMRO Managing Board 
'We want to create sustainable value, both financial and non-financial, for our clients and for society in general. For example, our employees volunteer for projects organised by ABN AMRO Foundation. This is how we are becoming a better bank contributing to a better world.’

Board member Hilde Garssen

Director of Business Services at ABN AMRO
'Social engagement starts with understanding. First experience what it’s like to live in somebody else’s world. That’s what I love about the projects sponsored by ABN AMRO Foundation – they bring together different worlds.’

Board member Klaas Ariaans

Director of Personal Banking at ABN AMRO
'Doing something for – and with – someone who is less fortunate than I am gives me a fantastic feeling. Like playing sports or painting together. Giving them just a little bit of attention. It takes very little effort, but you get so much in return.’

Treasurer Jan van Rutte

Member of the Supervisory Board of SNS Bank NV 
'ABN AMRO employees have always been socially engaged. We don’t shout this from the rooftops, but they have been offering their time, knowledge and expertise to vulnerable groups in society for many years. Their help often gives these people the support they need to take a step forward.’

Director Ernst Boekhorst

Head of Brand, Sponsoring & Foundation


Stichting ABN AMRO Foundation is registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 30174092. On 1 January 2011, it was awarded the status of charitable institution, known in the Netherlands by its acronym ANBI. The Dutch tax office has issued tax number 810798830 for this ANBI status.

Annual accounts

You’ll find our annual accounts in our 2017 annual financial report​ (PDF 84 KB).


ABN AMRO Foundation

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