ABN AMRO Foundation: our partners

ABN AMRO Foundation is committed to helping to build a better society. We run some projects ourselves, while we cooperate closely with partners on others. Organisations promoting social entrepreneurialism, for instance, or those that offer children from deprived areas a chance at a better future. Sometimes we contribute the resources, financial and/or material. But even more often we roll up our sleeves and send in ABN AMRO colleagues as volunteers. That’s how we and our partners really make the difference for society.

Ajax Foundation

ABN AMRO isn’t just a partner in sports facilities De Toekomst, the home ground of the Ajax youngsters, we’re also social partners of Ajax and Ajax Foundation. Together we develop a range of social activities for various target groups, such as deprived youngsters and children with special needs. We share the same objectives: discovering and encouraging sports talent as early as possible.

One of the projects we help organise is known as Life skills & clinics. ABN AMRO colleagues are turned into Ajax assistant coaches and encouraged to help out at training sessions at schools in deprived areas of Amsterdam. There they cover key qualities many youngsters don’t learn at home: working together, respect and discipline. Life skills that aren’t just extremely important on the football pitch, but also in the outside world.

Amsterdam Cares

Due to their very busy schedules, young professionals are often unable to find time to do volunteer work on a regular basis despite wanting to contribute to urban social projects. Amsterdam Cares offers them the opportunity to do volunteer work in a flexible manner, with the focus on helping vulnerable groups of people in society.

The Olympic Sports Week is one of the projects organised by Amsterdam Cares. During this week, almost 300 ABN AMRO employees help children from deprived backgrounds through sports and do what they can to give the children an unforgettable day. The children have the opportunity to discover different sports and their own talent.

Fonds Slachtofferhulp

Fonds Slachtofferhulp (Victims Support) runs some 400 projects, all of them focused on aiding victims and survivors of crime, accidents or disasters. After all, if we unexpectedly find ourselves in a tough situation, we can all use a little help to get our lives back on track. Victims Support makes a point of helping victims get back on their own two feet and making sure they don’t become too dependent on outside help.

To promote this resilience, ABN AMRO Foundation and Fonds Slachtofferhulp together run the Victims Support Budget Coach project . ABN AMRO volunteers help victims and survivors to get their financial affairs back under control, for instance after an accident suddenly causes the loss of one income to a household. Our budget coaches are trained to help restore victims’ ability to cope financially.


ABN AMRO Foundation feels that all talent requires developing and nurturing. Sports and entrepreneurial talent, of course, but equally also talent for culture and art. To this end, we’ve been working together with the Amsterdam Hermitage since 2004, organising educational activities targeting children as part of the Hermitage for Children initiative.

In a separate building at the Hermitage, which includes five workshops and two classrooms, children are encouraged to discover their artistic side. Hermitage for Children runs several other educational programmes, such as ‘Hermitage School’, ‘Hermitage Workshop’ and ‘Hermitage Academy’. We don’t just contribute to the museum, but also to these educational and fun activities.


JINC introduces business and entrepreneurship to primary and vocational school students, through coaching, for instance, or by taking them to meet companies and entrepreneurs. ABN AMRO Foundation and JINC together run the Ondernemen doe je zo! project (‘Enterprise – here’s how!), which challenges young people to uncover something new in themselves, to explore the world of business and to find out whether they’re made of entrepreneurial stuff.

ABN AMRO Foundation supports young people that want to achieve, especially if they’ve had fewer chances than their peers. And we don’t just focus on culture and sports, we also seek to help them improve their chances in the labour market. Helping them discover entrepreneurial talent is a perfect fit with JINC’s mission.


Qredits is the national microfinance provider for the Netherlands that helps start-ups as well as existing entrepreneurs. This independent, private player targets SMEs that don’t have access to the usual resources and provides loans of up to €250,000. It also provides personal coaching and other resources.

Qredits’ stated aim is to make entrepreneurship more accessible in the Netherlands – a mission shared by ABN AMRO Foundation. In support, ABN AMRO volunteers make available their knowledge and experience, and provide tailored financial advice.

Resto VanHarte

Resto VanHarte organises meals for lonely people in deprived areas. Volunteers cook, take charge of the d├ęcor, provide the entertainment and keep the guests company. Every month, new ABN AMRO employees spend time working as Resto VanHarte volunteers as part of our on-boarding programme. This teaches them about our bank, about working with others and about our position in society. Knowledge they can apply at Resto VanHarte.

Richard Krajicek Foundation

Quite a few children in the Netherlands find themselves in home situations that do not encourage sport, because they live in deprived areas or their parents don’t have much. The mission of the Richard Krajicek Foundation is to get these children to engage in sports and physical exercise. For instance by creating playgrounds in deprived areas. And by awarding Krajicek scholarschips to youngsters working at these Krajicek Playgrounds, who help and encourage others in sports and life skills. On Krajicek Life Skills Day these scholars are aided and coached by ABN AMRO volunteers.

Only Friends sports club

Sports aren’t necessarily a part of life for children with special needs, as they often are for their peers. But that doesn’t make them any less important. And yet many of them don’t move a lot in their daily lives and find themselves socially isolated. Sports are the solution, Only Friends sports club thinks so. Youngsters with special needs have over 20 different sports to choose from at Only Friends, assisted by volunteers from ABN AMRO among others.

Only Friends and ABN AMRO Foundation are of one mind: children need a leg-up. Our colleagues do sports with these children several days a month. We help out at various G sports clinics, but also provide assistance to students in formal education. In addition, our ABN AMRO volunteers help out at the annual Christmas dinner for Only Friends’ over 600 members.

Stichting Cordaan

ABN AMRO Foundation has been collaborating with care provider Stichting Cordaan. It ensures that as many people as possible have access to nursing, care, guidance and support – and preferably in patients’ homes, allowing their continued independence. Cordaan will help anyone who needs them and does not take into account background, age or disability. We couldn’t agree more.

Relationships with people are key to Cordaan’s approach, as it considers fun an important feature of care. That’s why it runs a range of fun activities, such as painting workshops. Our colleagues at ABN AMRO are happy to help out at these events and so bring people closer together.

Stichting Jong Ondernemen

‘Nurturing talent and creating appropriate entrepreneurial spirit’ is what Stichting Jong Ondernemen describes as its mission. It aims to help prepare young people for the labour market as fully as possible. Every year, over 25,000 secondary school and university students set up companies through programmes offered by Jong Ondernemen.

ABN AMRO played a key part in Jong Ondernemen’s creation, and we have remained financial as well as social partners since. ABN AMRO Foundation volunteers share their own entrepreneurial spirit and experiences with these youngsters, focusing on students in further education. That’s how we contribute to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Stichting Sherpa

ABN AMRO Foundation has been working closely with Stichting Sherpa for many years. This care provider supports people with mental or physical disabilities in areas such as living, working, learning and development. It also encourages them to make the most of their lives and actively participate in society.

Sherpa also regularly arranges fun outings for people with a disability. ABN AMRO colleagues will volunteer to help but also to join in, of course. We’ll visit museums to help inform Sherpa clients socially and culturally. An enjoyable and educational day out for them brings just as much joy to the volunteers by their side: making someone’s day is a rewarding job.

Food bank

ABN AMRO Foundation accepts its social responsibility by providing direct aid to society’s most vulnerable people. We help where the need is greatest: the food bank. Its mission is to feed the poor, tackle food surpluses and reduce the environmental burden.

We contribute through ABN AMRO volunteers helping at local food banks, while we also run campaigns to collect food. Under our offices’ Christmas trees, for instance, we put large boxes for our people to donate food. And we also provide financial support: in 2016 we donated €75,000 to food banks. By doing so, we hope to make a little difference to many households.


On this and other ABN AMRO Foundation webpages you’ll find out about what we do to make society just that little bit better. Have we inspired you, and would you like to do your bit too? Want to help deprived children with sports or visit lonely older people? You’ll often find plenty of opportunities close to home. Our social partners are always on the lookout for volunteers. Do contact them and see how you can help.