Overcoming isolation

Physical and social setbacks frequently stymie an individual’s development, and can also cause social isolation. Elderly people may be unable to go outside on their own, stuck in their homes without family that come and visit. But even young people can be lonely. And that’s a bad thing, because social isolation often comes with health issues, neglect or poverty. And the longer it lasts, the worse such problems tend to get.

We want to help overcome this isolation. Better still, our aim is social inclusion – to make lonely people feel they belong again. ABN AMRO Foundation organises a range of activities that see us reach out by doing sports together, sharing a meal or just popping round for a chat. Our ABN AMRO Foundation colleagues volunteer in our own projects or with some of our partners, such as Only Friends and Resto VanHarte. That way, we don’t just brighten the day of lonely elderly people and youngsters, but also enable our volunteers to do their bit.