With these partners, we’re investing in the future

Youth Education Fund

At ABN AMRO, we believe in equal opportunities for all. ABN AMRO Foundation focuses on disadvantaged children and young people. We entered into a partnership with the Youth Education Fund (Jeugdeducatiefonds) in 2017 to sharpen our focus on this group. The fund aims to provide fast, effective and easily accessible support to as many children from low-income families as it can, and help them make the best possible use of their talents.

Ajax Foundation

ABN AMRO is a partner of the sports park De Toekomst (or “The Future”), home base of Ajax Youth, and sponsors both Ajax Youth and Ajax Women. The bank is also a social partner of Ajax and the Ajax Foundation. Together we develop community activities for a range of target groups, such as underprivileged youth, and children with special needs. After all, we share a common goal: encouraging children to be more active, promoting values such as respect and solidarity, and cultivating sport talent.

Only Friends Sports Club

For children with a disability, sports are often more of a challenge than they are for their peers. But that doesn’t mean sports are any less important for this group. Yet many of these children just don’t get enough daily exercise, a factor which can lead to social isolation. The Only Friends Sports Club believes sports are a solution. Only Friends gives young people with disabilities the chance to play over twenty sports. It’s also a popular place for ABN AMRO staff volunteers. The Only Friends motto fits perfectly with the foundation’s philosophy: you’re great just the way you are!

Krajicek Foundation

Many children in the Netherlands don’t get the chance to play sports because of their home life. The root cause is often a poor social environment or a lack of family income. The Richard Krajicek Foundation’s mission is to get these children moving, too. It does so by building sports pitches and playgrounds in deprived neighbourhoods. The foundation also awards Krajicek Scholarships to young people who are committed to the Krajicek Playgrounds by working as role models to help and motivate others in the areas of sports and life skills.


JINC introduces primary and secondary school pupils to entrepreneurship through coaching and company tours. Together with JINC, ABN AMRO organises the entrepreneur business project “Ondernemen doe je zo!” which challenges young people to go the extra mile, explore entrepreneurship and find out if they’ve got what it takes to be an entrepreneur. ABN AMRO Foundation supports young people looking to meet their goals, especially those with fewer opportunities and resources than many of their peers. To that end, we focus not only on sport and culture, but also on improving their employment prospects. Our mission is in full alignment with that of JINC: helping young people discover their entrepreneurial talents.

Hermitage for Children

We at ABN AMRO Foundation feel it’s important to develop talent. That goes for sport and entrepreneurship, but for culture and art, too. It’s also why we’ve been working with Hermitage Amsterdam since 2004, giving our partner schools the chance to participate in the Hermitage for Children education programme. In a separate building, which includes five workshops and two classrooms, youngsters can discover their artistic side. ABN AMRO also supports the Hermitage for Children programmes focusing on social inclusion and talent, such as the Hermitage School, the Hermitage Workshop and the Hermitage Academy.


Combiwel is an Amsterdam-based organisation which works to improve the collective quality of life in the city through sport, neighbourhood and talent development. Combiwel carries out its operations on behalf of the municipality and in cooperation with city districts, neighbourhood organisations and schools. By pooling our knowledge and experience, ABN AMRO aims to make its social activities even more impactful through its partnership with Combiwel.