Talent Centraal

We need to foster, encourage and coach ambitious and talented people, so they can grow into successful top-class performers. Financial security and hard work are essential to reach the top in the worlds of sports and art & culture. But that’s not all. Making time for yourself, being money-savvy and staying in control are key. Talent Centraal provides an all-round development programme.

What is Talent Centraal?

Talent Centraal is an ABN AMRO programme specially designed to help talented people boost their careers. Talented and ambitious young people who just need a little leg-up can apply. Professional trainers with the right knowledge and tools help young talents reach their full potential. ABN AMRO works together with specialist organisations, whose founders have all made their marks: 

Striking the right balance

Talent Centraal aims to introduce talented young people to the basics of top-class sports and the world of art & culture. As well as physical strength, this requires the right attitude. Work/life balance, financial security, mental balance and a positive image are all essential for people who aim to perform at the highest level. 

Exertion and relaxation

Of course, ambitious young people focus mainly on their area of expertise. But there is more to life. Talent Centraal helps talents strike the right balance between their sport/practice and their private lives. Talents have great drive, and their attitude will help them go far in other fields too. The programme helps these young people discover and develop other areas.

Money smarts

Being money savvy is important for up and coming talents. Developing talent is an expensive business, and these people need funds for travel, professional trainers, new clothes or special dietary needs. Some are blessed with clubs, sponsors or parents paying for some or even all their expenses. But for those without financial support, money can be a major headache. Talent Centraal teaches young talents how to handle money, which is essential once they start earning their own income, dealing with sponsors or if they need to take some time off.

Knowledge is power

Growing from a talent to a top-class athlete or established name requires more than just muscle power and practice. Mental capabilities are equally important. Talent Centraal teaches talents how to listen to their bodies, deal with nerves and build concentration.

Image building: a special skill

All top talents have their own stories to inspire their fans. Creating a compelling image is a special skill. Talent Centraal teaches the ins and outs of image building. What story should they tell and how should they go about it? What should –  or shouldn’t – they share with fans? Here too, striking a balance between their public and private lives is essential.


Talented young athletes can register for Talent Centraal, even if they are already connected to one of ABN AMRO’s sponsorships. Read more about the programme, our approach and some tips at Talent Centraal.