Crowdfunding makes Diede's dream come true

Diede de Groot is one of the most talented young wheelchair tennis players in the Netherlands. It will require a great deal of money to finance her ambitions.

Emerging talent Diede has her sights set on the number 1 spot in the world rankings, and hopes to achieve that goal within three years. Coach Amanda Hopmans and mentor Esther Vergeer of ABN AMRO’s Partner of the Future programme are helping her to map out her path to the top.

An excellent start

The transition from junior tennis to professional tennis seems to be going smoothly for Diede. She made an excellent start to her first real series of tournaments abroad, winning two matches at the highest level and losing to the number 2 in the world. This achievement catapulted her into the top 20 of the world rankings.

Esther Vergeer is very pleased with her protégé. ‘She possesses the drive and the technique to make it. Now it’s important to create the right set of conditions for her. She’s at a vital point in her career, and she needs to show what she can do.’

Financial basis

In the meantime other efforts are underway to lay a solid foundation for Diede’s tennis career. ‘Amanda Hopmans is in charge of the technical aspects. This allows me to help Diede with other matters,’ says Esther. For example, the Partner of the Future programme helped arrange a crowdfunding day. ‘It’s important to have a solid financial basis to support her career, and that’s what we’re helping Diede to achieve. Depending entirely on support from the programme would leave her vulnerable. Her tennis club Nieuwe Sloot in Alphen aan den Rijn came up with the idea of a crowdfunding campaign to create a close connection with tennis fans. This will generate structural support, and allow her to take her coach to some of the tournaments abroad, for example.’

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