Words of advice by Andy Murray

The kick-off session for the Partner of the Future programme was an auspicious beginning for the talented tennis players: world-famous tennis star Andy Murray offered them some words of advice.

The launch of ABN AMRO’s talent programme coincided with the opening day of the 42nd ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament. Murray, one of the players at the tournament, and past Wimbledon and US Open champion and Olympic gold medallist, gave the youngsters an exclusive interview. The subject was how best to give shape to their professional tennis careers.

Handling pressure

For example, Murray told Diede de Groot that college tennis can be a great launching platform and that many US players in particular take this route. When Sander Jong asked what the best way is to handle pressure, Murray replied, ‘The best remedy against pressure is simple. Play lots and lots of matches, and you’ll automatically learn how to handle any situation.’ Alec Deckers surprised Murray by asking which of his honours he would give up if he had to: his Wimbledon title or his Olympic gold medal. After some hesitation, Britain’s first Wimbledon winner in 77 years nevertheless chose Wimbledon. Why? ‘I’ll never have another chance to win Olympic gold in London, and I still have chances at Wimbledon during the coming years.’

More physical preparation

Isolde de Jong wanted to know what he would prefer to have done differently. Murray’s answer was clear: ‘I’d have spent much more time on physical preparation, warming up and post-match care. When I was twenty, I’d play or train for three hours straight and not feel a thing the next day. The older you get, the more this changes. So it would have been better to start early, so it becomes part of your routine.’

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