Schijvens: 100% circular corporate clothing

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How can you make clothing without wasting a single thread? Schijvens Corporate Fashion uses 50% recycled workwear and 50% reused plastic to make sustainable corporate clothing. Its production is fully circular as it doesn’t add any new raw materials. Watch the short video to find out all about Schijvens’ circular business model.

Schijvens’ circular business model

The textile industry is one of the worst global industrial polluters. Schijvens is a family-owned business contributing to a sustainable solution to this problem. Nearly 70% of the corporate clothing it produces is already completely circular.

Schijvens designs and produces corporate clothing. Their apparel is used by businesses across the Netherlands: high-street chemists, hospitality and catering businesses, supermarkets, DIY stores and many more. Schijvens sees an urgent need to reuse textiles, and thanks to technological advances in circular business they are now able to produce 100% recycled workwear.

From lineal to circular workwear

Using its own returns system, Schijvens collects used corporate clothing from customers. The clothing is ground down into fibres and mixed with fibres from recycled PET material, fishing nets and sports clothing. These recycled fibres are then used to make ‘new’, 100% recycled corporate clothing. No new raw materials are needed in this process.

For Schijvens, sustainable production also means that workers in factories abroad get a decent wage and enjoy good working conditions. The company therefore works exclusively with factories where social conditions are inspected regularly.

ABN AMRO is proud to be financing Schijvens’ circular ambitions.

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