Climate change

Climate change Watch the video

Making real estate more sustainable

Buildings emit an awful lot of
carbon. Our mission is to have all of  
the real estate we finance score 
energy label A by 2030, and to
make our own buildings 'Paris-Proof'.
Making our energy portfolio more sustainable

To fight climate change as much as
 we can, we are gradually increasing
 our sustainable energy financing,
ensuring that renewable energy 
accounts for at least 20% of 
our energy portfolio by 2020.

Sustainable investing

Sustainable investing means
investing from the perspective of 
climate and society. We are looking 
to double sustainably invested 
assets from 8 to 16 billion euros by 2020.

Sustainable Finance Desk

ABN AMRO supports entrepreneurs in their transition to a more sustainable business model. Our Sustainable Finance Desk helps clients to identify where sustainability might come into play and provides appropriate financing.

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Greener enterprise

All companies can of course contribute to a better climate and crucially need measures to determine how sustainable it is what they do. Impact-based banking implies that we work together with sustainability platform Ecochain to figure out what measures companies can take and what real-life sustainability benefits these actually achieve.

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Energy Transition Fund

The call for renewable energy is louder than ever. Investing in projects and companies that help accelerate the energy transition, ABN AMRO’s Energy Transition Fund has scope to grow to a size of over 200 million euros.

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Green Bonds

ABN AMRO has been a pioneer in the field of green bonds, through which investors invest in sustainable projects, such as loans for sustainable real estate or sustainable energy. In June 2015, ABN AMRO was the first European bank to launch a major green bond. Since then, we have issued and advised on multiple green bonds.

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Measuring climate impact

ABN AMRO is an active member of the Carbon Accounting Financials platform (PCAF), one of the first initiatives to bring financial institutions together to measure their activities and portfolios’ carbon impact. These insights help us take effective action to reduce this impact.

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