Richard Reporting

Richard Kooloos, Head of Sustainable Banking, drops in on colleagues to talk to them about how they personally are making sustainability a reality. In this video, he visits the bank’s offices in The Hague – one of the bank’s most sustainable workplaces – to discuss sustainable investment.

The aim is to make sustainability the norm when it comes to investment.

ABN AMRO has set itself big goals for sustainable investment, which will eventually become the norm. In the short term, though, ABN AMRO plans to double its sustainable assets base. 

Vincent Trieschijn, Investments Sustainability Manager, says defining the concept of sustainable investment is easy: “These investments are all about trying to minimise the negative effects and maximise the positive effects on our world – all without making a loss.”

Sustainable investment performance

That last point comes as a surprise to many who are new to sustainable investment, says Senior Investment Adviser Robin Landman: “One of the myths around sustainable investment is that investors sort of have to pay a price for the fact that their investments are making a positive contribution to society or the environment. The fact is, though, our own performance shows that’s simply not true. Sustainable investments can be just as profitable as non-sustainable ones.”