Richard Reporting – what do Financial Coaches do?

In Richard Reporting, Richard Kooloos, Head of Sustainable Banking, drops in on colleagues to talk to them about how they personally are making sustainability a reality. In this video, he speaks to Financial Coaches Annet ten Wolde and Jolanda Engelenburg-Pen.

Financial Coaches help those who are unable to visit a branch to do their banking – particularly the elderly. They also help clients put their estates in order. Coaches can offer support when it comes to donations, inheritances and mortgages – and even Internet Banking.

Financially self-reliant

The bank’s Financial Coaches are also available to attend to matters such as powers of attorney and administration for elderly people with dementia. With these coaches, ABN AMRO is helping its clients be financially self-reliant for as long as they can. And they are not the only ones who are doing this.

Collaboration between retired employees and association for the elderly

Elderly people in the Netherlands also get help from retired ABN AMRO colleagues on digitization and it's safety. It does not matter which bank they use. To offer this support, ABN AMRO collaborates with KBO-PCOB, an association for the elderly. 

By providing access to banking services to as many different kinds of people as possible, the bank is committed to greater inclusiveness. In the video below, Financial Coaches Jolanda and Annet talk about how they’re providing even more support to clients to help them get to grips with their finances.