Richard Reporting: how is ABN AMRO promoting sustainable housing?

In Richard Reporting, Richard Kooloos, Head of Sustainable Banking, drops in on colleagues to find out how they personally are making sustainability a reality. This time he pays a visit to Claire Dumas and Charissa Cardon of ABN AMRO Mortgages, who tell him all about the new Sustainable Home Mortgage.

There’s a lot of talk these days about making homes more sustainable by investing in solar panels, insulation or a heat pump. Besides having a positive effect on the environment, these measures can also help homeowners save money and live more comfortably. But where do you start, and what about financing?

Mission 2030

ABN AMRO finances EUR 185 billion worth of the Dutch built environment, with approximately EUR 150 billion in the form of mortgages on private homes. So there’s a big impact to be made here. With Mission 2030, the bank aims to ensure, together with its clients, that all the properties it finances have earned an average energy label A by 2030.

ABN AMRO is working with De Energiebespaarders (The Energy Savers) to help its clients achieve this goal. The Energy Savings Check gives homeowners a simple overview of the measures they can take to make their homes more sustainable, about how much it will cost and where they can turn to for help. In addition, the bank’s advisers discuss making homes more sustainable in their mortgage consultations with clients looking to purchase or renovate their home.

Sustainable Home Mortgage

To finance these energy-saving measures, ABN AMRO recently introduced the Sustainable Home Mortgage. This product enables clients to finance energy-saving measures for their homes on favourable terms and at a lower interest rate. In the video below, Claire and Charissa explain the advantages the mortgage can offer clients.