Business Handbook: Circular Economy Guide

ABN AMRO believes that the circular economy offers opportunities for numerous businesses, regardless of size. However, the roles will change in the circular economy. With that in mind, we have drafted a handbook for businesses to help them start transitioning to a circular business model.

Five steps to achieving circularity

The Circular Economy Guide explains what the basic principles of the circular economy are, followed by a series of concrete tools. It outlines a process of five steps for preparing a circular business case. Businesses need to consider the entire lifecycle of their product, irrespective of their own role in the existing linear supply chain: from design and materials to production and use and lastly to possibilities for reuse. Doing this will allow them to map out the existing situation and see how to redesign their product, production process or ownership model.

The stories of pioneers that are included in the Guide illustrate how the first steps have been taken to achieving a circular business model.