Human rights integrated in corporate social responsibility

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For many of us, the term “human rights” evokes war-torn or faraway countries. But human rights violations can occur closer to home, too. ABN AMRO acknowledges that our business activities can have an impact on human rights, positive as well as potentially negative.

Policy to protect human rights

Respecting human rights is central to everything we do at ABN AMRO. Society expects that of us, but more importantly, we see it as a key element of doing business responsibly. In 2011 the United Nations Human Rights Council unanimously endorsed a standard for business respect for human rights. The standard is called the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, or UNGPs.

By signing the UN Guiding Principles we pledge to report about our efforts towards improving the human rights situation. ABN AMRO develops policy and recommendations in this area on an ongoing basis, and ensures that our business associates do so as well.

Spreading awareness with our Human Rights guide

In order to broach the topic, to open up an accessible dialogue and to spread awareness among our clients, ABN AMRO has created a Human Rights Guide​ (PDF 9 MB). In this guide, we express our position on human rights and elaborate on our expectations towards clients and the companies we have dealings with.

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