Working together on Human Rights: Maria Anne van Dijk explains Watch the video

Importance of human rights throughout the chain

We work closely with suppliers, investors, NGOs and players from academia and politics. Respecting human rights is important throughout the chain. We can make a real difference by joining forces. We do this with partners such as SHIFT, Global March against Child Labour, and the National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking.

Cooperating with NGOs, trade unions and the government

In October 2016 ABN AMRO signed the Dutch Banking Sector Agreement on Human Rights. This document is supported by thirteen banks, as well as various civil society organisations and the Dutch government. The goal of the agreement is to further integrate human rights in the business operations of banks, and cooperate on issues like supply chain due diligence and engagement with clients in high-risk sectors.

A number of joint reports have been published since the start of the agreement, covering such matters as the role of Dutch banks in the cocoa chain and using and expanding signatories’ influence in order to make even more of an impact. Meanwhile, ABN AMRO also takes part in the Dutch Banking Association’s Advisory Panel on Responsible Banking.

Taking action against Human Trafficking

For many of us, the links between human trafficking and banking may not be obvious. But there certainly is a connection. After all, a human trafficker's purpose is to earn large sums of money for themselves. That is where banks come into play. The moment this money enters legal circulation, we have an opportunity to track down human traffickers.

By working together closely with various experts, ABN AMRO helps spread awareness and information on the topic, providing all parties involved with a more finely tuned radar for suspicious activities or behaviour. From institutions such as the police, military police and the judiciary, ABN AMRO learns through which routes such money enters legal circulation, in which lines of business human trafficking most commonly occurs, and which financial behaviour accompanies the practice. This close cooperation enables us to unveil any missing links.