The Good Search: helping social entrepreneurs

ABN AMRO helps social entrepreneurs in a variety of different ways. One example is increasing their visibility on the Internet. The bank has developed The Good Search, a search engine that filters hits by social responsibility, not by the amount of money that the company spends on search engine optimisation. The Good Search lists socially responsible companies first instead of large enterprises.

Doing business the modern way – including on the Internet

Social enterprise, or doing business with a social mission, is very popular just now. However, to attract customers the businesses need to be visible on the Internet. According to the Social Enterprise Monitor, being seen by the public at large is a major problem for social entrepreneurs. To help them overcome this, ABN AMRO has developed a special search engine: The Good Search.

How exactly does The Good Search work?

The Good Search automatically adds ‘social’ keywords to any search query that the user enters. The search engine also looks for relevant hits in the database of social enterprises in the Netherlands.

The bank has also teamed up with Social Enterprise NL to give a large group of social entrepreneurs tips on how to optimise their websites to make them more visible and to ensure that The Good Search always yields the most social hits. For example, if someone goes to The Good Search and searches for ‘leather bag’, the first hit is OhMyBag, a company that sells leather bags manufactured using socially responsible methods: according fair trade principles and without chemicals.