Sustainable fabrics

Kim Lantwaard of interior design company Gispen visits Bram and talks about sustainable fabrics (video in Dutch). You, as a consumer, can also use these fabrics.

Once you’ve finally decided which chair you want to place where, it’s time to look for the perfect upholstery. The fabric you choose has to meet all your requirements: colour, material, functionality, availability. The choice is yours and the choice is immense because the industry is coming up with all manner of innovations and sustainable initiatives and is making good use of recycled materials and new weaving techniques.

The green Marino + Verde fabric we chose, produced by Enschede Textielstad, a weaving mill in the textile city of Enschede, is just one fine example. The mill was founded by Annemieke Koster, who wanted to restore the craft of weaving in Enschede to its former glory – in a sustainable way, that is. The beautiful, thick material we chose is made of recycled cotton and polyester. Not a single drop of dye was needed to create the colours, as the colours are determined by the nature of the recycled material. And this saves a great deal of water and chemicals typically used in the dyeing process.