Procurement and our suppliers

Procurement is ABN AMRO´s central purchasing department and the key point of contact for new suppliers of products and services to the bank.

We lead the entire procurement process: from selection and negotiations to contracting. We make sure the process is carried out transparently and with integrity. Our business relationships with suppliers are based on mutual respect, collaboration and professionalism. This is something we ask from ourselves and from our suppliers, who we encourage to conduct their business in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Sustainable procurement

ABN AMRO has embedded sustainability and responsibility into all of its procurement processes. We urge all our suppliers to sign our 'Code of conduct for suppliers', which sets out requirements for suppliers’  policies regarding their workforce, the environment, regulations and safety on the work floor. To measure and secure sustainability as part of the procurement process, we became a founding partner of FIRA, enabling us to monitor and compare our suppliers’ sustainability policies on an annual basis.

Improve rather than exclude

FIRA ratings enable ABN AMRO to select the best and most sustainable solutions. Suppliers without a FIRA rating are given the opportunity to improve their practices. We deliberately chose this policy   because we believe in encouraging our chain partners to conduct their business responsibly.

How to become an ABN AMRO supplier

Please register with Ariba Discovery if you wish to become an ABN AMRO supplier. Joining Ariba Discovery opens the door to a global community of more than 15,000 buyers. When the bank moves to tender a product or service, it may use Ariba Discovery as one of the options to select qualifying suppliers. Companies meeting the criteria will be invited to submit a tender and all companies invited will be able to offer their products and services through a transparent process.

Important guidelines for suppliers