Springplank gives platform to young cultural talent

Youth enjoying music on stage

Fostering talent growth in the cultural sector

Every year, the Amsterdam festival known as the Uitmarkt heralds the start of the cultural season in the Netherlands. Its ‘Talent Grows’ theme encourages young artists to put themselves in the spotlight and showcase their talents to the public. But how to get onto this stage? A first step is to discover talents, but then it’s essential to nurture and develop them. The Springplank talent programme does exactly that: its professional partners further artistic training as well as meet other needs of emerging talents in the cultural sector. The programme culminates in a special performance on ABN AMRO’s stage at the Uitmarkt.

Committing the expertise of cultural partners

The road to ABN AMRO’s Uitmarkt stage sees it join forces with five cultural partners: Nederlands Dans Theater, the Rotterdam Philharmonic, music and theatre ambassadors Lucas & Arthur Jussen and Karin Bloemen, and Exposize. Professional guidance and the right knowledge and tools help these talented young people get the most out of themselves, with their coaches sharing their experience with the talents of the future.

Focus on talent

The coaches themselves have selected the 23 talents taking part in the Springplank talent programme. All coaches provide artistic mentoring to their young charges, while also sharing experiences and providing additional information in workshops. The participants have talents in fields ranging from graphic design to song, dance and music. 

More information about the coaches and ‘their’ talents:

Karin Bloemen

Karin Bloemen

Karin Bloemen loves working with young, talented people and helping them build their theatrical skills and insight, emphasising the importance of transferring knowledge. She selected 13 young talents through an audition process, and they’re taking both individual lessons and joint workshops right up until the Uitmarkt. 

Their names are Naomi van Hessen, Carmel van Eijk, Nikki van Rossum, Julia Herfst, Laura van Kaam, Daniël Dojčinović, Mike Levens, Nienke Strik, Janneke de Groot, Lidewij Loot, Cheyenne Toney, Lorenzo d’Alba and Julia Berendse.

Arthur & Lucas Jussen

Arthur & Lucas Jussen Brothers Arthur & Lucas Jussen are themselves hugely promising pianists and have quite a bit of experience in the international concert scene. They were talent-scouted at a young age and are now hoping to give that extra push to another young hopeful, taking young pianist Evander Eijsink under their wing.

Nederlands Dans Theater


The Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) breathes talent. Developing the talent of national and international dancers and choreographers has been in NDT’s DNA from its inception. Coach Jiří Pokorný will be working with Dutch talent Toon Lobach to get him ready for the Uitmarkt stage.

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Philharmonisch Orkest

The Rotterdam Philharmonic makes room in its productions for young talent studying at music schools, not least through the high-profile Rotterdam Philharmonic Codarts Academy. Coaches Robert Franenberg, Ge van Leeuwen, Juliette Hurel and Julien 

Herve are taking six talents to the Uitmarkt: Mario Torres Valdivieso, Pedro Bonilla Garcia, Federico Dalpra, Bénédicte Zeitoun, Letizia Maula and Mutsumi Watanabe.



Exposize devotes a great deal of time to the future. Whenever companies take something a designer creates and develop it or make it even stronger, there’s a chemistry that leads to new or different ways to do things. ABN AMRO’s Uitmarkt stage will give visible proof of the power of co-creation between designers Paul Bergman and Megan Hoogenboom and their print partner Exposize. Their coach: Vincent van Herk.

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