Stage slot on offer at Uitmarkt 2017

Karin Bloemen doet oproep voor auditie Uitmarkt

Together with a number of cultural partners and ambassadors, ABN AMRO is already busy preparing for this year's Uitmarkt, which will take place in August 2017. With professional guidance and the right knowledge and tools, we help young talents reach their full potential.

Show Karin Bloemen your talent

Karin Bloemen is one of the ambassadors connected to this project; her role is to support young talent as they get ready to perform on the Uitmarkt stage. Her passion is to work with young talented people and help them improve their technique and insight into drama and the theatre. Over the period between 23 and 31 January, Karin has collected the audition videos sent to her.

Selection process

We have received a large number of videos. During this stage, the judges are busy watching and assessing all of them. Those selected for the audition will get the news on 5 February 2017 or before. If you don't get contacted, you've unfortunately not been selected.

The audition with Karin Bloemen will take place on Saturday 11 February 2017. After mid-February, we will publicly announce the participants of the talents programme. We will provide coverage of their training with Karin up until the big day at the Uitmarkt, which is Sunday 27 August 2017.

About the Uitmarkt

In the Netherlands, the Uitmarkt is the annual kick-off of the cultural season. Young talent is encouraged to take the stage and show what they've got to the general public. How to get to that point? Discovering your own talent is the first step, but from there it is very important that you receive the right support in your development. That's where we are happy to help. With our professional partners we offer personal guidance in your type of art, with as the crowning glory your performance on the ABN AMRO Stage on August 2017 at the Uitmarkt.