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Marketeer Lieke Scholtens talks about the development of this platform and her role in the process. Launched earlier this year, Taking Finance Further was introduced to inform entrepreneurs about business loans. Lieke worked on the platform for SMEs. ‘Setting up this platform made me feel a bit like an entrepreneur. I experienced the trust that our team was given to work out and realise ideas as exceptional.’

Lieke: ‘Customers regularly told us that the bank wasn’t transparent enough about loan applications. So our team decided to develop the Taking Finance Further platform. Entrepreneurs receive information on economic developments and on the options and criteria for funding. We are sharing this information, but not from a commercial perspective. In doing so, we hope to increase the trust that SMEs have in ABN AMRO. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs in their search for funding.’ There have been plenty of positive reactions posted on the site since the platform has gone live. Lieke: ‘Around three-quarters of the readers experience the content as useful. The platform has even been discussed in a positive light in the Dutch Lower House of Parliament.’

Making a difference

The project team in which Lieke participates works  to improve and update the platform every day. ‘I like the fact that you can make a difference. In a short period of time, our small team has managed to give SMEs information that we previously did not share with the general public. I sometimes feel like I’m an entrepreneur myself, because we are blazing a new trail. But I believe we can really make a difference. I experienced the trust that our team is given to work out and realise ideas  as exceptional. By sharing your own vision and entrepreneurship, you can really add value for the customer, ABN AMRO and yourself.’

Read more about funding options for SMEs at verdermetfinancieren.abnamro.nl.


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