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The nice thing about the ABN AMRO traineeship is that you have the freedom to map out your own path, and that makes this a unique experience. This does not mean, however, that you can sit back and let it happen. Freedom entails responsibility. So you really need to take the initiative to reach your goal. So far I’ve managed to find my way around the bank. My colleagues here are very easy to approach and are always willing to help out when you need them.

I’ve always wanted to have contact with clients, either directly or indirectly. Tatum Kaptein Tatum Kaptein Trainee

Always ready to help

I’ve known for a while now that the world of banking is right for me – ever since I participated in the ABN AMRO three-day Business Course in 2011. This gave me a peek inside the bank – the people, the culture – and I could definitely picture myself working there! After finishing the Business Course, I looked into the traineeship and gave some thought to which direction I wanted to go and what I wanted to achieve during the programme. A few conversations later, I decided that Risk was the department for me. This is a department where you can really put your knowledge to work. I started the programme in September 2014 together with eighteen other trainees. After a week, we were already a close-knit group and I immediately had a network within the bank – thanks in part to the supervisors. Coach, mentor, trainee manager and buddy: all of them are always ready to help. No question is daft, and people across the organisation are happy to take the time to help you.


I started out as a rookie at Central Risk Management – Integrated Risk Management, dealing with two issues related to the bank’s risk appetite. Talking with colleagues throughout the Risk organisation helped me get answers, which I incorporated into a report. I wanted to have more contact with clients, so I then moved on to a totally different, more ‘commercial’ Risk department – Financial Restructuring & Recovery. This is the team that handles clients who are having a hard time financially. I attended meetings with clients and worked out the documents. I’ve always wanted to have contact – either directly or indirectly – with clients. I’m very outgoing and enjoy working with others.

Assignment in New York

I am currently posted at ABN AMRO in New York for three months, again at Risk. The department here is much smaller than the one in Amsterdam. This posting has made my dream come true. It took a while before everything fell into place – you have to make a lot of arrangements yourself, like your assignment and visa. But I did it and I am certain that this assignment, like the rest of the traineeship, will be a unique experience.

Want to find out how Tatum likes living and working in New York? Her second blog – soon to be published – tells all about her experiences abroad.


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