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After completing my degree in Criminology, I came into contact with security in IT by pure chance. I’ve now been working as an Information Security Expert in Vendor Security Services at CISO for a year. Vendor Security Services provides (security) services to help other departments in ABN AMRO manage their third parties (suppliers). It’s an important role given that collaboration with third parties is continuing to grow. The security aspect is essential, as ABN AMRO knows only too well.

The bank thinks with you, especially about how you could further develop your career. Brenda van het Hul Information Security Expert ABN AMRO

In some ways, you could see me as an advisor to departments which work with suppliers that are critical for ABN AMRO. I’m their point of contact for requests and advice. We’re continuously working to improve our services. This is crucial, since the volume of legislation governing cooperation with third parties continues to grow.

Gaining insight together

Of course, this isn’t just important for financial institutions. It’s become a wider social issue. The TNO institute for applied research is doing good work on this front through its Shared Research Programme (SRP), a partnership with ABN AMRO, ING, Volksbank, Rabobank and Achmea Bank. The SRP partners are pooling their knowledge to develop new cybersecurity research techniques, especially in areas of importance for society at large. The results of this research have been published in the magazine Innovating in Cyber Security.

From research to product

The aim of the SRP programme (and associated workshops) I contributed to, was to develop a product which could be used by departments that work with suppliers. This resulted in the creation of the Assurance Tool. Depending on the kind of product or service being offered, the Assurance Tool determines whether we have adequate knowledge of a third party (assurance). The more important the product or service being offered, the greater the assurance we need regarding the supplier and their (security) measures. We had nothing like this before, so it was fantastic to be able to work on it!

Continuing to grow

How do I see my future at ABN AMRO? I certainly haven’t learned everything there is to know in the area I’m working in. ABN AMRO offers you many opportunities. The bank thinks with you, especially about how you could further develop your career. Even if your goals lie outside your current position: If you’re looking for a new or different challenge, you can often find it within the organisation. This flexibility and the many opportunities ABN AMRO offers really appeal to me.


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