Advanced multitasking: work, top sport and motherhood

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As an international fencing referee, Marketeer at International Clients & Specials and mother of two, I have a very hectic life. During the week, I work four nine-hour days at ABN AMRO, exercise during my lunch hour and chair the referee committee one evening a week. I exercise on Fridays too, and am often on the road on weekends, judging fencing matches throughout and beyond Europe. I also make time every day for my partner and two children, a three-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl. Busy? That’s an understatement!

It’s a constant juggling act: judging fencing matches, motherhood and working as a marketeer at ABN AMRO. Indra Angad Indra Angad Marketeer, International Clients & Specials

Two careers

I’m sometimes afraid that when people hear about all the things I do, they think my life is hell, but I’m enjoying life to the full. I fenced at international level for many years, so I’m used to a hectic lifestyle. And at ABN AMRO, I can schedule my time flexibly, thanks to the New World of Work. I have to – in fact, I have two careers that are equally important to me. Being a referee is a passion, but my work at the bank is, too. I’d sometimes like some more free time, but I choose to go for both of my passions fully.

Continuous development

People at ABN AMRO appreciate a ‘less talk, more action’ mentality. I have plenty of opportunities to develop, both within the bank and in my sport. Before I joined the bank, I held a number of positions in which I got to know the marketing profession. I started out at ABN AMRO as a junior marketeer so I could learn the ins and outs of the business. In the beginning, I worked 28 hours a week so that I could keep on fencing. I stopped fencing three years ago. After a “quiet” year in which I focused on my work, I became a referee. This allowed – and still allows! – me to continuously develop in my sport and my job.


Motherhood also takes up a lot of my time, of course. Fortunately, I can combine things: my son is crazy about fencing, so if I have to judge a match near home, like the Dutch Championship in Rotterdam, he’s happy to come along. But I make time for my kids every day. They’re still at the napping age, so I can get some work done on weekends and then take them to the zoo in the afternoon.

Doubly enriching

Intense multitasking is a choice, one that not everybody is cut out for. But I get a lot in return. I have seen a lot of the world and have forged contacts thanks to fencing – and that’s something incredibly valuable I bring with me to the job. Equally, my work at ABN AMRO enriches my career as a referee: my colleagues are really involved in what I do and give me new insights. I often talk to them about my plans for the future in fencing.

Choices, choices

I’m not done with marketing yet – I’d rather specialise than climb the hierarchy. This year I hope to take the Customer Experience training. And my sport? I fence once in a while, but it’s still tugging on my sleeve. I just turned forty, so I can play with the veterans. The European Championship is calling out to me, but at the same time I’d like to develop professionally too. I like multitasking, but only if I can go for it one hundred per cent. Still, I’ll have to make choices at some point!

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