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There were six months between the day I signed the trainee contract and the day I actually joined ABN AMRO Corporate Clients as a trainee. I finished studying law before my traineeship was scheduled to begin, so I started working as a Commercial Officer at a local branch in Hoofddorp. I got off to a solid start with the Financial Specialists and acquired a lot of experience. At that time, I hoped to have the opportunity and freedom to learn as much during the traineeship as I had in Hoofddorp.

Your past, background, results and ambition suddenly didn’t matter so much when my co-trainees shared their stories. Tim de Leeuw Tim de Leeuw Trainee

Opening up

‘Freedom’ was a key word at the introduction and during my first assignment at Corporate Clients in Rotterdam. The freedom to develop and to decide what you want to develop. When I first arrived at the Gustav Mahlerlaan office feeling suitably nervous, I realised right away that I wasn’t the only one with butterflies in my stomach. My tension quickly melted, though, as we all opened up with one another. Your past, background, results and ambition suddenly didn’t matter so much when my co-trainees shared their stories. Opening up like that makes you feel connected. The fact that our connection was based on honesty meant that everybody could give and receive feedback, which helped us discover our talents and weaknesses.

Excellent supervision

In addition to my professional development, I also have the opportunity to work on my personal development. That is one of the unique aspects of this traineeship – you grow in two ways. At the office, I receive excellent coaching from Senior Bankers, who help me take my financial knowledge to a higher level. I analyse financial statements and help draft credit proposals. And in the sessions with my co-trainees, my soft skills are constantly challenged. This really surprised me. Not only do you receive training from your trainer, manager and supervisor, but your co-trainees also play a key role in your traineeship. In short, the traineeship offers a great combination of professional and personal growth.

Show courage

What also surprised me was how open everybody at the bank is to chat with you over a cup of coffee. That’s a nice way to share experiences, get advice and talk about your ambitions. You have the freedom to email or phone managers, directors or CEOs to exchange ideas. As a result, you can get to know various parts of the bank and create opportunities to observe, or even do assignments at, their departments. That’s very important, as it helps you learn about all facets of the bank. I’ve acquired experience at a wide range of departments, including the Dealing Room, Lease, Risk and Retail. All in all, I look back on the past six months with a great deal of satisfaction. I’m also looking forward to the months ahead. The bank gives you the freedom to show courage, be curious and soak up knowledge. It’s up to you to use that freedom!


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