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WTT 2016

One day, during a job interview, I exclaimed: 'I want to sell fun!' – and that is exactly what I do now as a hockey and tennis sponsor manager at ABN AMRO. I ensure people have a good time when they attend an event or a sports club. People around me often say they think my job must be amazing. Well, I agree! My current project is the 43rd ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament. Wonder what goes on behind the scenes? Let me tell you!

People around me often say they think my job must be amazing. Well, I agree! Joris Hermsen Joris Hermsen Sponsor Manager

When the tournament starts off, I'll be at the Ahoy arena practically full-time for 10 days. In addition to the actual games, so much is happening during the WTT. About 17,000 ABN AMRO clients will be attending the event. Of these, nearly 7,000 will be attending one of the bank's many seminars. This year's Corporate Banking theme, 'What's Next', is reflected in the seminars, where we discuss how companies can prepare for the future. My team and I coordinate everything from our headquarters at the tournament. Fortunately, we'll be staying at the players’ hotel – that means we can get right to bed at half past midnight, allowing us to get some rest before we're up and about in the Ahoy arena at half past seven in the morning. Long days, but it's incredibly exciting to be there!

Partner of the Future

We want to present ABN AMRO as Partner of the Future in our sponsoring, supporting people with talent and ambition. For several years we have been hosting Ball Kids selection days, where we pick ball boys and girls for the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament. Tournament director Richard Krajicek once started off as a ball boy himself, so you never know which future stars you'll meet this year. Alongside the tournament, we also organise talent training for aspiring tennis stars. I take care of all communication around the tournament, the campaign and our Partner of the Future programme.

Talents to the top

Encouraging talent extends far beyond one tournament, of course. Sponsoring & Events has launched a programme to prepare talented young tennis players for the professional world top, both for the able-bodied and wheelchair categories. Tournament directors Richard Krajicek and Esther Vergeer are guiding these talents as mentors, and the bank plays a supportive role. After all, a professional tennis career involves a wide range of challenges. We also bring the young talents to international training camps to give them ample opportunity to train with strong opponents.

From talent to pro

During the tournament, 'our' talents get to meet famous tennis players and discuss the road from talent to pro. I am immensely looking forward to that part. I've been coordinating the WTT for four years now, but those moments are always special. While I won't be asking any pros for autographs, I do enjoy having a chat with them. You don't meet a professional sportsman every day.


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