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I believe the world is going to change radically as a result of trends like blockchain, machine learning and big data. That’s why I think it’s important to stay up to date on all the latest IT and automation news. That knowledge also comes in handy in my work as a business analyst and as a participant in the Young IT Programme, which keeps me very busy. And if that wasn’t enough, I also play first-division football for SV ARC in Alphen aan den Rijn four times a week. Sometimes it’s a challenge keeping all those balls in the air, but so far so good!

Training takes place in a supportive environment. All the participants have a positive outlook and are very keen to help one another. Daniel Buijnink Daniel Buijnink Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst with IT Solutions focusing on Operational Risk Management, I liaise between end users, such as staff and clients, and the bank’s automation specialists. One of my main tasks involves translating users’ automation needs for developers. I regularly sit in on working groups made up of representatives of various business lines to help identify where IT can implement improvements. One really cool aspect of the work I do involves the operational risk management tool AGRC. Let’s say a claim comes in and needs to be processed. My job is to make sure that the tool is operational and user-friendly so that processing is smooth and easy. That way, the bank can help its clients quickly and efficiently. Now just about everyone at the bank is using the tool.

A demanding programme

I’m also enrolled in the Young IT Programme, which lets participants combine a job at the bank with eighteen months of specialist training. I have a real affinity with IT, so it didn’t take me long to make up my mind to apply to the programme. Actually, all the extra training and support was one of the reasons I chose to work for ABN AMRO in the first place. The programme offers Service Management, Business Analyst Professional, Scrum Master and Lean Awareness modules – all of which overlap with the work I do. I also attend lots of masterclasses. It’s a demanding programme, especially since all the training is on top of a full-time, forty-hour working week. But I don’t mind so much because it’s worth it. The training is first-rate, and you can instantly apply everything you learn to the job.

Investing in yourself

We attend masterclasses with members of the IT Academy, who have at least five years’ work experience. I really learn a lot from them, and they’re always good sparring partners. In addition to IT skills, we develop our own individual points for improvement through peer feedback, which is awesome. I like learning a lot and investing in myself – after all, I’ll be able to benefit from that knowledge and experience for the rest of my career. I’m also building up a solid network – I now know at least one colleague in all the other IT departments. Training takes place in a supportive environment. All the participants have a positive outlook and are very keen to help one another, so the group dynamic is excellent.

Sharing knowledge

One thing that surprised me when I came to work for ABN AMRO is the amount of freedom I have. I just assumed that newbies like me would have less of a say. But nothing could be further from the truth. For example, I’m helping a number of my colleagues with Scrum, having recently given a presentation to share my experience with some of my colleagues. That really opened my eyes. I’ve only been with the bank for a short time, but I do notice it’s appreciated when I share my knowledge with colleagues who’ve been here a lot longer than I have.


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