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Hackathons are quite exciting – especially if it’s your first time. I've worked with enthusiastic colleagues before, doing this kind of intense software workshops, but those workshops usually took four to five hours at most. ABN AMRO's two-day Hyperledger Hackathon on 1 and 2 October made for our very first 'real' hackathon. And we were thrown right in at the deep end.

Winning the Hyperledger Hackathon is one of the proudest accomplishments of our lives. 100x100-Deepa-Prabhakaran Deepa Prabhakaran Solution Designer

A concept for everyone

The Hyperledger Hackathon was centred around blockchain, the new payment method financial organisations are gradually starting to embrace. Fairly unknown territory for us, which we were eager to explore. So we took extra care to pick the right concept. We noticed the jury was awarding points for creativity as they rated each concept. It's why we stepped back from the banking world and chose a concept everyone could benefit from. We dubbed it MediBank.

Instant patient information while respecting privacy

MediBank fundamentally changes the way we record and use medical information. Patient details are saved into its blockchain system, and can then be read or modified by various professional healthcare parties, based on their role. Doctors, pharmacists, lab assistants can all add relevant medical information. 

It goes without saying that privacy is key here, which is why we proposed for medical information to be compartmentalised based on who can access what. For instance, the pharmacist can only view the patient's medicine history. This system gives healthcare professional an instant overview of a person's current medication and medical history, which can save lives in emergency situations. That's how we, team 18-AS& C (Accounts, Savings and Customer), earned our nickname: The Life Savers.

Fantastic atmosphere

The Hackathon took two days of hard work and heaps of dedication. But the atmosphere in Entrée 300 was fantastic; people from all over the globe were coming together to share their passion for blockchain. We knew in advance it wouldn't be realistic to deliver a fully finished concept in just 36 hours. Our decision to pick one use case and design a complete end-to-end solution worked out wonderfully.

Proud accomplishment

It was so inspiring to see how we took on every challenge in a positive spirit. The newness of the technology wasn't an issue at all as we applied our team's drive, expertise and pragmatism to get down to business. Funnily enough, the thought of winning wasn't even on our minds as we remained focused on the task. That's why the news of our victory was such a thrill! Winning the Hyperledger Hackathon is one of the proudest accomplishments of our lives. The only thing that could top it would be getting the opportunity to actually realise and implement MediBank, to make the most of its potential in the short term. We hope to be getting started on that soon.


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