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Photography, film and music: I need 48 hours in a day! They’re all forms of expression I use to communicate my feelings and ideas. Photography and film have become increasingly important to me in recent years. The view through the lens helps me to look at the world from a different perspective. I can combine my work as a Dialogue Manager with my passion for photography and film. ABN AMRO gave me the opportunity to exhibit my work at the Affordable Art Fair at the end of 2014.

The view through the lens helps me to look at the world from a different perspective. Marcus Moonen thumbnail Marcus Moonen Dialogue Manager


I remember the first time I was fascinated by a photo I had taken. I was a child and was in Paris with my family, taking pictures of everything. I discovered later that the camera was broken and that many of the photos I had taken had a dark sepia tint. It looked like I had magically photographed a far-off past.

Abstraction and essence

That moment of wonder has always stayed with me and has helped shape how I view the world. In my films and photography, I often search for abstraction – something “completely different”, or the numinous. I look for images that take you by surprise and raise questions. My photos of landscapes or architecture, for instance, often take on an aura of science fiction. When taking a portrait photograph, I try to capture the essence of the subject. A glimpse of an emotion on their face, or a thought that’s surfacing. I think that my passion for abstraction and capturing the essence is also evident in the experimental electronic music I make.

Gaining popularity?

Over the years, I have developed my own ‘signature’ which, to my surprise, seems to be gaining in popularity. I can now regularly show my work these days. I’m really proud that my photos have been exhibited twice in New York, at the Orensanz Gallery and in Times Square. And that my latest video clip has been selected to be shown at two major film festivals in the United States. I’m really curious about what the general public will think of my work. I want to grow as an artist, I’m ambitious. I’d like to direct a feature film someday.

Off the beaten path

At ABN AMRO, I am a Dialogue Manager. I believe it’s important for us to communicate with the public and to come up with new and better ways to make that communication possible. With my creative background, I can offer a different perspective. Working with art helps me to think outside the box and to venture off the beaten path in search of opportunities at the bank. The interesting thing about my job is that I can help ABN AMRO have a real dialogue with the outside world. We seek out a dialogue with customers and prospects online and give them objective information on financial matters, from buying your first house to regulations governing inheritance. Our transparent communication recently yielded our team a nomination for an award. I love it that I contributed to that achievement.


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