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Strategic matters

Together with five of my colleagues here at ABN AMRO, I will be spending the coming months helping the Red Cross with strategic issues. This process is a wonderful opportunity for self-improvement. For me, that is an important fringe benefit: I want to mature, both in my job and as a person. This project also gives me the chance to show that the bank is not at all shut off from the world, despite what many people think: in fact it offers numerous opportunities to develop social initiatives.

The Red Cross bases its efforts on conviction and feeling, and I certainly expect to learn from these people Marian Campillo Marian Campillo Project Leader Client Services

Achieving success

My job as a project leader at Client Services generally involves a great deal of structure. Given the size of our client base, this is very important. At the same time, though, I try not let reason determine my choices too much. Personal factors and consideration for other people’s feelings are just as valuable to me. You need to know what your colleagues are thinking and you need to be aware of the world around you. Connecting with others is a key part of achieving success. The Red Cross bases its efforts on conviction and feeling, and I certainly expect to learn from these people. That is a further bonus to being given a glimpse behind the scenes of this global association of more than 17 million volunteers.

An important fringe benefit

I signed up for the Laluz Intercompany Programme at ABN AMRO. Laluz is an organisation that brings together professionals from the business community with charitable organisations. Six of us from ABN AMRO are working on this project. We make up a varied group: for example people from Customer Excellence and me as a project leader from Client Services. Our know-how and experience give us the means to assist the Red Cross with a variety of issues. We will be sitting down together every Wednesday until the end of October. We spent the first few sessions deciding how to shape the strategic process: for example how to work together and how best to assign the separate roles. Last session we only had an hour, yet we still managed to achieve a great deal – more than we had expected, in fact. This shows how motivated everyone is to get things done and how willing we are to work hard.

Our first job: to appeal to a younger demographic

We now have a rough outline for a plan of action, which we will present shortly. That plan is based on the question of how to appeal to a younger demographic. To properly answer that question, I always try to identify the question behind the question. Why does the Red Cross want our help with this, what is going on and why is that question relevant now? Understanding these matters will help me to give the Red Cross what it needs.


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