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People often ask me why we’re hiring new employees even though we’re also letting people go. Why, they ask, can’t the redundancies be used to fill the job openings?

We need to grow to accommodate our clients’ wishes Diane van Galen Last - van Leeuwen Recruitment Business Partner Retail & Private Banking

Sadly this isn’t always possible. Supply and demand aren’t always in balance. Everyone has their own talents, of course, but that’s beside the point. With jobs at the bank changing, a person’s talents don’t necessarily match the job that’s available.

Pocket banking

We need to grow to accommodate our clients’ wishes. Not only that, but technology is developing at such a pace that clients are demanding new digital solutions all the time. Technology allows clients to do their banking from a pocket device. This means that we need ICT specialists – for example people who are good at developing apps, people who are aware of the latest technological developments. We also need marketeers who know how to fulfil our clients’ needs, and security specialists for the numerous online applications.

The client decides the channel

Because of this digitisation, the numbers of clients doing business at the branch offices are significantly down from some years ago. So we’re closing branches. More complex issues still demand a personal touch, but clients can decide for themselves whether to do this by telephone, on location or by webcam. This approach means that employees need to be flexible and responsive. Increasingly, we’re focusing our training and selection on these qualities.

Specific jobs

Besides digitisation, we also need to fill specialist jobs to accommodate the increasing numbers of legal and regulatory changes. We need people for Compliance and Legal, for example. These jobs are highly specific, and obviously not everyone possesses the necessary expertise. And we don’t expect them to. But even additional training can’t guarantee a perfect match on both sides. Then we help people to find a new job outside the bank. And to make sure that we have the right people in the right places, we also look beyond our own organisation.


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