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Registering the ABN AMRO Mobile Banking app on an iPad

For me, turning to technology for solutions is the most natural thing in the world. And it’s what our customers have been waiting for. Plus easy-to-use, accessible apps and websites are always a great way to encourage those who may still be on the fence. It’s my role to ensure all these tools are as user-friendly as possible. We do this by designing the actual screens themselves with our customers in mind, by creating demos showing users how certain apps work and by finding new solutions for processes and operations that aren’t online yet.

As an interaction designer, I try to ensure the ultimate in user-friendliness by designing the actual screens themselves with our customers in mind and by finding new solutions for processes and operations that aren’t online yet Odiel van Wijk thumbnail Odiel van Wijk Interaction Designer

Work to be done

As an interaction – or user experience – designer, I’m responsible for designing the screens our customers see when they use the mobile banking app, the bank’s website and Internet banking. My job is to design new tech tools, such as these screens, for a given product or service. This involves analysing the information customers need to provide, and in what order, and how we can make the process as easy as possible for them. The idea behind this approach is always that customers want a service that’s easy to use.

Testing, testing, testing

Obviously, we’ve got a lot of expertise and experience under one roof. We always work with standard templates so that screens are consistent across apps and devices. But it’s customers themselves who can best decide whether a particular screen works or not. That’s why we always test a prototype of each new screen in the Usability Lab where real customers are asked to evaluate the screens used for a new service. This gives us the opportunity to see first-hand whether they understand what they’re seeing and whether they find it user-friendly and helpful. We really learn so much from them! I feel I’m always getting a better idea of how customers see things. My day isn’t complete if I haven’t gleaned something from one of those tests which I can then use to make improvements.

Client-centricity is our top priority

I spend all my time looking for ways to increase client-centricity. That doesn’t always happen automatically, so I feel it’s important to challenge the product owner on this point. Are all the questions customers have to answer relevant? Can we make the whole thing shorter? Can we simplify the answer options? But it actually goes even further than this: if customers can arrange something relatively easily online, they should also be able to do so with equal ease at other contact points as well. If that’s not the case, then it’s time we did something about it!


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